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last month i focused on working my butt off. i made a list of things i wanted to have done by the end of the month and worked and worked away until i got there. and i got there!

i have three dissertation studies and set goals for each one. for study one, i updated all my qualitative analyses and now have almost all of the quantitative and qualitative analyses done. for study two, i played around with a new-to-me dataset and familiarized myself with the statistical software i’ll be using for the study. i also had a really productive meeting with one of my committee members and feel like i have some direction with this study which is nice because it’s the one i feel is the most undefined. for study three, i transcribed a bunch of interviews, analyzed even more interviews, wrote a short paper, and submitted to a conference. on top of all that, my advisor and i have turned back to a paper we need to revise and submit to a journal for publication. we’re aiming to do that by the end of august. so pieces are moving. nothing is fully formed, but the processes are in motion (some slower than others) and i feel like i’m at that sweet spot of just a little bit too busy which makes me way more focused than i am if i don’t have quite enough to do.

also, i would like to note that i set my all-time pomodoro tomato record yesterday. i figured since it was the last day of the month when i wanted to work my butt off, i should work my butt off:

it’s weird. i thought that i would be more stressed out about work after i had emmett. but, it turns out, i’m much more zen about everything. i find it a lot easier to compartmentalize and focus and i find myself wasting a lot less time. i also don’t spin my wheels as much and don’t get as upset if i have an unproductive day. the pendulum always swings, so i might be saying something different soon, but for now, i’m just going to enjoy it.

for the month of august, i will focus on showing the people i love and appreciate just how much i love and appreciate them through gesture.

i have so many good people in my life. people who i love and who make  life infinitely better. so, for the month of august, i’m going to do my very best to let them know how much i love them. i’m going to do this, not only with words, but with gesture. i often think that i should do something (like finally write all the thank you notes from various baby gifts) or think someone would like something. then, typically, i don’t make it happen. this month, instead of thinking of nice things to do for people, i will do them.

It’s hell writing and it’s hell not writing. The only tolerable state is having just written.
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  • sore from yoga. a friend recently gave me her login to yogaglo and it is changing my life. i do yoga almost once a day now and, for the past two days, did some pretty intense flow. now i’m feeling sore in muscles i haven’t paid attention to in a very long time. it feels amazing.
  • noticeably more tan than i was a few days ago. i was outside a whole lot this weekend. i probably logged about 15 miles of walking with some combination of matt, emmett, and benny. i also spent quite a lot of time hanging out in wicker park, brunching on patios, and eating bbq with matt and emmett on our front stoop.
  • thinking about what types of solid foods to feed emmett next. he basically eats little bites of whatever we’re eating. so he’s had quite the range of food these days - falafel, hummus, a few bites of fried chicken, smoked brisket, mac and cheese, cornbread, bolognese, mashed potatoes. of course, he gets healthier fare for his everyday food. he’s been eating mostly fresh fruits and steamed vegetables for the past few months (he especially loves summer squash from our garden which is nice since we will have plenty this summer). more recently, he’s been eating some lentils, tofu, and brown rice (what a hippie). it’s a little bit too much fun to think about what to feed him next.
  • buzzing from all the fun that was had this weekend. i tried out a new boba place with a friend, i rode on the back of mung bean’s moped to dinner at fat rice (man that was fun. we intentionally took the long way home just to be able to toot her little horn and wave at more people as we rode by at a reasonable speed), i had a dark and stormy at the charleston, i attended a ladies arm wrestling match which was as awesome as you might imagine, i had a lovely lovely “family day” with my boys.
  • feeling a little sad that family days can’t happen every weekend. matt takes emmett for 4-5 hours every saturday and sunday so i can work. every once in awhile, the stars align and enough work gets done in the evenings and matt takes emmett for extra long on one weekend day that we can spend a whole blissful day together without the pressure of work. we had one of those this weekend and it made me so happy. i know we’re lucky to have the flexibility that we have in our work schedules. so lucky. but wow would it be nice to have a family day every week.
  • feeling simultaneously excited by and terrified of all the work that it will take to complete my dissertation.
  • excited about this afternoon. emmett and i are meeting my advisor for an early lunch. she is a terrific woman who has become a close mentor over the years. she recently had some family stuff happen and we haven’t sat down face to face in almost two months. i’m really looking forward to catching up with her. after that, emmett and i are headed to this awesome furniture/random stuff auction warehouse to meet a friend. we went last week and saw all kinds of amazing things. i’m hoping i can get some good bids on some treasures for our house.
  • listening to a playlist on spotify. our niece made it and i can’t stop listening to it. for some reason, i am just discovering the awesomeness that is spotify. god i am so very very behind the times.
  • overall so content with life. it’s a good one, you know?

Eight months old today and still managing to hide stuff in his many folds. Like puffs, pieces of melon, and, evidently, most of his diaper. #goemmett

i’ve thought long and hard about it and have come to the realization/conclusion that all of my good friends have a real passion for food. i have a theory that there is a linear relationship between how much you enjoy food and how much you enjoy life. i think there’s something to be said about taking real pleasure in something that you absolutely have to do everyday. if you have to eat several times a day, why not make it something that is communal, delicious, and a source of comfort? and if you’re going to host visitors, why not eat yourselves silly while catching up, drinking, and ogling a baby?

our streak of friends in town and lots of eating together continues.

two weekends ago, miss wog extended a work trip by a day so she could hang out and catch up in person. our history of eating together goes back to high school, takes us through college (we went to the same college and ate so SO much mexican food together), trips abroad (where, of course, we ate ourselves silly), to some overlap time spent together in the bay area. we made a promise to each other that if we ever live in the same area, we must eat together once a week. it was pretty impressive during that overlap time - she was in san jose, i was in san francisco - and yet we managed to make the trip to share our weekly meal together.

for her visit, matt, emmett, and i took her out to the trencherman and to chinatown for dim sum and boba. we also had some stan’s donuts and delicious argentinian and german food at a world cup viewing party. somewhere squeezed in there were walks around the neighborhood, dance parties for emmett, and plenty of catching up about all the things that have happened in our lives since the last time we ate together.

then, this past weekend, my oldest friend came to town. my older brother and uncle thid’s older sister went to preschool together which means we’ve known each other since we were younger than one year old. we also went to preschool together, k-8 school together, high school together, and lived together for two years in san francisco. he is relentlessly curious about different foods and is open to eating anything and everything.

we asked uncle thid what he wanted to do while he was here. his answer was - eat disgustingly delicious food, relax, tool around town, hang out with emmett. easy. we basically used food exploration as a means for exploring chicago. we played ping pong/ate fried chicken/drank too much at parson’s, wandered all around maxwell street market sampling all kinds of awesome mexican food, went to not one but two beach bbqs, ate italian food in andersonville, had biscuits and pie at bang bang, ate tacos and chips and guacamole at big star, ate fried chicken pizza and mac and cheese pizza at dimo’s, had stan’s donuts, and even got some good old fashioned red hots in there. it was, in a word, awesome.

Ping ping rally is on. #goemmett (at Parson’s Chicken & Fish)

Benny’s working away on his bone while I work away on my paper. Solidarity, my wiry little friend.


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