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Looking for trouble. #goemmett

  • sunday - chicken parmigiana on polenta
  • monday - cobb salad
  • tuesday - dakkalbi
  • wednesday - lentil, potato, bacon soup
  • thursday - not sure, most likely something fall-y

10/09-10/12: we were in kentucky so, to be honest, i didn’t really stick to this. we did walk around a lot - around town, with the dogs, around the races, etc. we also did a lot of eating and drinking bourbon and lounging too.

10/13: a 30 minute evening sleep prep class. this felt especially amazing after being in the car all day driving back to chicago.

10/14: a 20 minute yoga class meant to release physical tension and mental stress. ending the day with a nice little yoga session has become something i really look forward to.

10/15: 30 minutes on that brutal stair machine. gees that thing is hard. did this first thing in the morning and it was a wonderful way to start the day.

10/16: a 30 minute flow yoga class in the middle of my work day. my body felt so much better when i sat back down to keep working.

No caption necessary, says the caption. #goemmett

love this. two of my most special people.

(via riadovoidostoevsky)

10/01 - took a long walk around the neighborhood with matt, benny, and bigass emmett strapped to me in the ergo after dinner. did a 45 minute night time yoga before bed.

10/02 - took a 45 minute walk with benny and emmett.

10/03 - did a 60 minute yoga class that focused on relieving tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. boy did i need that after submitting two proposal applications in as many days.

10/04 - a 60 minute spin class. this instructor always kicks my butt. she has a knack for pushing you until you want to throw up and are cursing under your breath. it felt amazing.

10/05 - spent most of the afternoon walking around a fall wonderland with matt and emmett. did a 20 minute iyengar yoga sequence for opening up neck and shoulders.

10/06 - did a 45 minute bootcamp class at my gym.

10/07 - lots and lots of walking. parked really far from school; killed some time wandering the neighborhood with emmett while waiting for a friend for dinner.

10/08 - did a 45 minute werq class at my gym (so fun!)

i’m already feeling better from moving around more often. and yogaglo is a total life saver. i love it. you can search by class duration, purpose, body part, teacher, etc. it’s the best.

fall wonderland.

i discovered, over the summer, that having a kid forces you to go out and do stuff you wouldn’t normally do. like go to the neighborhood pool over and over, for example. and evidently this translates to the fall as well. probably all seasons, actually, which is totally fine by me. i am loving it.

this weekend, we went to a fall wonderland. i don’t know the real name of it but it was basically a gigantic fall extravaganza with every possible you would think of and lots of things you might not think of (like a pumpkin eating mechanical dinosaur?).

we met up with a dear friend and her three year old and ran all around this place on a gorgeous, brisk fall day.

1) family picture <3

2) our first stop upon arriving: apple cider doughnuts, pumpkin pie square, coffee

3) cornfield maze

4) emmett and i don’t have a ton of pictures together since i’m typically the one taking an obnoxious number of photos. i love this one.

5) we set emmett down on a field of grass so he could crawl around freely. he was confused for a minute there then went wild picking up leaves and trying to show them off to whomever crossed his path.

6) emmett on a sea of corn. wha?? they had a playground set up amongst a sea of corn. kids were going insane in there. making corn angels, using their heads as plows and wiggling around on their stomachs through the space, taking leaps off the slides.

7) a giraffe feeding station

8) matt, confused about why there’s a giraffe feeding station at the fall wonderland.

9) the pumpkin eating dinosaur. this thing was hilarious.

10) emmett and his adorable little face

  • sunday - roast chicken, mac and cheese, and salad
  • monday - baked potato bar with green onions, sour cream, bacon, and delicious cheese toppings
  • tuesday - chicken soba noodle soup
  • wednesday lunch (cooking for a study date) - butternut squash baked risotto
  • wednesday - steak scallion rice cake stir fry and kimchee
  • thursday through the weekend - we’ll be in kentucky so we will be eating all kinds of goodness

for emmett - a dish i made up that involves eggplant, kale, squash, and brown rice all smashed down in a skillet with egg poured over it so it’ll stick together and he can pick it up more easily.

last month, i focused on limiting my spending. it went okay in that i didn’t really spend as much money on extra random stuff as i might normally have. for example, i went to target and home goods and only bought what i had on my list when i walked in (what?!). it didn’t go that great in that i started recording what i spent everyday, then got lazy about it. i even set it up so i could see what percent of my budget i had spent by what day. but, as it turns out, at the end of the day, i’m not in the mood to sit down in front of the laptop and do another thing that requires staring at a screen. it also didn’t go that great because i still spent more than i should have. random expenses like getting my computer fixed put a dent in my budget for the month. sigh. what i’m realizing is that every month bring some kind of random expense and i should stop thinking of them asĀ  surprises and start thinking of them as a given. anyway, this is obviously an ongoing thing that i need to work on. but i am pretty proud of myself for not buying any clothes, limiting spending on stuff for emmett (i’m easily convinced by myself to buy cute things for him that he doesn’t need), and eating in way more.

for the month of october, i will do something active everyday.

before emmett, i used to work out four to five times a week. it’s what kept my mind clear, my stress down, and me sleeping well at night. nowadays, i’m lucky if i make it to the gym twice a week. really lucky. i’ve realized that pretty much everything i do when i’m awake is intense. spending time with emmett is increasingly intense as he demands more interaction, needs more stimulation, is more mobile, and is seemingly more intent on getting into trouble. time spent without emmett is spent on my dissertation which is difficult to wrangle in a completely different way. so, by the end of the day, i’m exhausted. or, in the middle of the day, i’m exhausted. and the decision to not exercise is made pretty easily. also, of course, my time is much more inflexible than it once was.

my body and mind are starting to feel it. really really feel it. when i do find time to exercise, i immediately feel the benefits. my stress decreases, i feel less tired, my mind clears. i have so many kinks in my body from picking emmett up and putting him down (that kid is heavy), spending long intense hours in front of my computer, holding emmett in weird positions (there are some strange knots in my body), etc. it’s time to work those kinks out! so for the next 31 days, i’ll do something active everyday. whether that’s finding a way to make it to the gym, taking emmett and/or benny for an extra long walk, riding my bike somewhere instead of driving, or doing any length of yoga at home. and, in the interest of accountability (i don’t seem to be doing that great with these monthly foci), i’m going to write a weekly report on what i did. it’s my belief that when my body and mind feel good, everything else runs more smoothly. it’s been too easy lately to not take care of these things and i want to break that habit. i’m really looking forward to this one.